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My name is Ronny Tobler. I was always fascinated by technology from early age –  a typical geek you could say. At age of 16 I founded my first IT company with my good friend Daniel Buser. I also have a great passion for motorsports and filmmaking. In recent years this passion leaned more towards filmmaking and all sorts of tech and gadgets. I always shared my passion on YouTube up till 2018 when I stopped due to my extensive business engagements. You can still find fun stuff about technology, gadgets and business topics on my channel Ronny’s Vlog. This website has also not been maintained since 2018.


You’d like to get in touch with me? Nothing easier than that: You can reach me by LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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IT –  Information Technology

I’m involved with computers since I’m 10 years old. By definition – born from 1980 – I’d be a digital native but seeing kids grow up today I’d not call my generation digital natives. There were no tablets and the touch on phones was limited to keys. And they were not smart, believe me. In my time, you learned how to build a computer yourself and how to get the most out of a 9600 modem.

qucomThe father of my good friend Daniel, Heinz Buser, has introduced us into the wonderful world of IT. From the age for 14 we started to build and sell PCs. At age 16 we founded QuCom CCS (Computer Consulting & Support) and delivered PCs to Basel’s small and home offices. Our factory was my parent’s garage, our partner for parts the now famous Brack.ch who started just a few months ahead of us. With our products we also sold support services, our VIP support package was famous.

This preliminary training enabled me to enter Microsoft Switzerland at the age of 18 and develop from a techie to a manager. In my last role I was responsible for the corporate accounts department where my teams looked after business customers in Switzerland.


Motorsport was a second scene for a long time in my life and goes further back than my IT passion: My father did more than 30 years of motorsports. Wronnyhealeyhen I grew up there was often a trailer following us on vacations throughout Europe. Screaming engines and speed fascinated me, as did driving a kart at the limit. I’m thankful that I started early, I keep my abilities of driving fast and safe till today. Ayrton Senna was and is still my idol in the car racing world.

At age of 21 I relaunched my passion for motorsport with trackdays on racetracks. One recetrack particularly fascinated me: The 21 km long Nürburgring also called “The Green Hell”, the toughest, most difficult racetrack in the world. My new target was set: I’d like to participate at the toughest car race in the world: The Nürburgring 24 hours. Amateurs like me and professionals fight side by side in the same race. Up to 240 cars! This is crazy.

I started 2009 with my racing license. Participated in the series Rundstrecken Challenge Nürburgring (RCN) to gain experience and then moved to the bigger more VLNcompetitive series VLN. During that time I founded ARED Motorsport together with Ralf Bettendorf, Olli Uhlmann und Walle Bressin. 2012 finally the dream came true: Together with Hofor Racing I participated at the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring. It was not only my first, but also Hofor’s first 24 hours race. It was an incredible event and we documented everything in our YouTube documentary 24 Hours in 70 Minutes. I again competed at the 24 hours in 2013, 2014 and 2015. 2015 both Nürburgring and Barcelona. They have been my last two races, since then I focus more on gadgets and YouTube.



Aside work: 2009 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (General Management/Corporate Communication)


1998  QuCom CCS Buser & Tobler
2008  Casa Delizia Tobler & Vuruna
2009  ARED Motorsport
2017  Pandally AG (Virtual Reality Entertainment)
2019  Refense AG (Virtual Reality Training for Police, First Responders and the Army.


EMEA SA 2001 Steve Ballmer
EMEA Service Academy 2001 mit Steve Ballmer

2001 – 2010   Microsoft Consulting & Pre-Sales
2010 – 2013   Microsoft Sales / Account Management
2013 – 2016   Microsoft Sales Management, last role Corporate Accounts Lead
2016 – 2017   CEO Kenzan Studios SA
since 2017     CEO & Co-Founder Pandally AG
since 2019     Co-CEO & Co-Founder Refense AG


German (mother tongue), English (business fluent), French (fluent)


You reach me by LinkedIn and Twitter.