Why do people get sick in Virtual Reality?

At my last job engagement at VR content creator Kenzan we ran a roadshow throughout Switzerland together with Coop shopping malls. “Eintauchen in die Virtuelle Realit├Ąt” it was called, “Dive into Virtual Reality”. It was a short engaging game, in which you had to walk on 16 square meters. But more important for this blog entry, we touched more than 30’000 people during 30 weeks in Switzerland and gained a lot of experience.

The roadshow runs till December 2017, click the image to find dates and locations.

I had two key learnings out of this roadshow:

  1. People are spoiled by bad VR content! Many adults did not want to try because they got sick in their last Cardboard VR or Playstation VR experience.
  2. If done right, people do not get sick. Zero.

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